Canalta Hotels Eliminates Thousands of Hours of Manual Processing with ServeVita & Unit4

We started ServeVita with the vision that we wanted to serve others and inspire like-minded organizations with efficient solutions that would help them become the best in their industry.  

Today, we are overwhelmed with excitement and honored to communicate with you a vision that has become a reality.

We want to introduce you to our amazing friends at Canalta Hotels.

Canalta Hotels is headquartered in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. At ServeVita, we are avid hockey fans, so their location brings us back to our hockey roots. They are family owned and operated, employing over 3,000 people across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 

Since 1974, Canalta Hotels’ founders, Cam and Sharlene Christianson, along with their sons Blair and Brooke Christianson, have dedicated their professional lives to building a genuine company based on the principles of hard work and service excellence. 

What began as one motor inn in Stettler, Alberta, gradually grew into a wider network and today, Canalta Hotels owns and operates more than 40 properties across Western Canada. 

The Christianson family’s never-give-up work ethic and “I-can’t-believe-they-did that” service philosophy are what makes Canalta stand out in a category filled with jaded, impersonal service.

Prior to the partnership with ServeVita, Canalta’s hotel managers were hampered by manually entering hotel data from the property management systems into a dashboard for processing at headquarters. 

We loved this because it was something we could get behind.  

Meanwhile, 3 employees spent 2-4 hours of their workday completing direct billing to their corporate customers. This mundane practice hindered the “I-can’t-believe-they-did-that” philosophy that this family-owned hotel chain was known for. 

The goal for the CanaltaServeVita partnership was clear: get Canalta’s property management systems and back office ERP to effectively communicate to each other, enabling employees to do more than data entry and management.

Developed on the Unit4 ERP platform, the Servevita Hotel Management Solution (HMS) integrates hotel data seamlessly into a people-first, proven ERP solution. 

Canalta, as owners of 40+ hotels across several brands, could import their hotel sales data daily from their SynXis, OnQ, AutoClerk, and ValueMatrix property management systems. 

Once in a centralized database accessible by the back office, every property’s transactions were now viewable and reportable for Canalta’s key hotel and financial metrics. 

Hotel data was processed automatically into the financials, with direct bill items being marked for easy billing through Unit4’s Sales Order Module.

Today, I am very excited to announce that they have:

  • Eliminated thousands of hours of manual processing with ServeVita HMS
  • They have successfully eliminated 22,000 hours of manual processing with integration to property management systems through the new hotel management solution by ServeVita. 
  • They saved an estimated $706,275 from manual processing reduction and will save 45 hours weekly on direct billing processing. 

What an honor to serve and be a blessing to this family, employees, and guests. 

We are so thankful for the opportunity to help take away some stress and create opportunities for growth.

If you need to upgrade or implement ERP technology with a proven, successful partner, then ServeVita is your solution. 

We provide Travel Software and Hotel Software as well as work as a consulting partner between you and Unit4 technologies.